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This oil has really softened my facial bristleage and made it much less itchy

-Coinneach, February 2017

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On the Deodorizing Body Wipes:

Bravo, I am so happy that I came across these... They are large, strong, scent is nice & pleasant not over powering, they are a refreshing feel, a far cry from most of the other personal care wipes.

Ann, April 2017 See All Reviews

On the Deodorizing Body Wipes:

Great for camping or outdoor activities, but I also travel a lot, so I slip a few of these in my carry-on just in case. Very pleased with them and would recommend to anyone on the go. You will not be disappointed.

Anthony, March 2017 See All Reviews

On the Beard Oil:

...we live in a dry climate and he has some itching, flaking, and redness during the winter. He is very pleased with this product as applying it gets immediate relief from the itching. His beard feels softer which is a real plus for me! We will be re-ordering.

Mary, March 2017 See All Reviews